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Sightseeing in Trinidad and Tobago Ever thought of sightseeing in a different country?  On this site, you are able to read different things about the sights in Trinidad.  Hopefully, one day if you go to Trinidad, you will go on one of the beautiful sightseeing tours.
J'ouvert in Trinidad and Tobago J'ouvert is the night before Labor Day, you party until morning and for Labor Day, you party during the day too.
The Significance of Clocks in Trinidad and Tobago Clocks are significant part of certain parts of Trinidad.  In this section, you will read about the clocks and why they are so important to the people of Trinidad.
Activites to do in Trindad and Tobago There are many different activities to do in Trinidad.  The most activities played are water sports, such as fishing and birdwatching.
Weather in Trinidad and Tobago The weather in Trinidad is sunny and warm.  Between the months of November to May, the weather is dry.  During the months of June to October, it is the hottest. 
Eating in Trinidad and Tobago In Trinidad, there is a wide variety of foods to eat from.  Food restaurants are also open very late, so whenever you are hungry, you can get some food to eat.
The Zoo in Trinidad and Tobago The Emporer Valley Zoo in Trinidad, has many different animals.  Many of the different animals there are tigers and lions.
The Red House Parliament The Red House Parliament is a government or institution building built in Port of Spain.  It was built between the years of 1906- 1907.
Pigeon Point Pigeon Point is a beach in Trinidad.  A day at Pigeon Point is just like a day at any old beach, just with restaurants and many other beautiful places and things to do.
Hindu Temples There is a Hindu Temple in Trinidad and Tobago, it was built by an Indian laborer named Siewdass Sadhu.



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