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How to make Brown Stew Chicken


    Have you ever had the craving for some stew chicken and didn't know how to make it?  Well if you are ever caught up in that situation then follow these simple steps to make stew chicken, and whenever you have the craving for stew chicken then you can make it. 


1. 6 chicken legs

2. 1 table spoon of sugar


4. onion

5. salt

6. lemon/ lime

7. seasoning (chives, thyme, scallions)

8. oil



1.  Cut the chicken legs in half.

2.  Wash them with lemon.

3.  Drain the chicken.

4.  Season the chicken with the seasonings listed above.

5.  Rinse the pot and put it on  the stove on a medium fire.  Then let the pot dry.

6.  Pour a tablespoon of oil in the pot.

7.  Put a tablespoon of brown sugar in the pot and stir it rises on top of the oil.

8.  Pour the meat in the pot, cover it and occasionally stir until the pot until it looks good enough to eat.


    Now that you know how to make stew chicken, you can enjoy it whenever you have that craving.



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